Jenny Nordberg (b. 1978) is an industrial designer MFA based in Malmö (Sweden), is always driven by a search for alternatives and counter-strategies to irresponsible mass production. Stylistically, her work is characterized by brutalism and minimalism cleverly combined, often leaning on chance as an important element.

Navigating between art and design, her research and studio work focus on how we produce and consume today, how we have done so historically and how this can be done differently in the future.

By exploring questions such as these, Nordberg seeks to transform the preconditions of design and encourage it to take a more engaged position.

What made you become a designer?

As a kid I was absorbed of how things worked, of what kind of material they were composed of and how they were made. At age seven, when starting school, I asked my father what kind of profession that would be and he said industrial designer”. I remember when my teacher, the first day at school. asked us all what we wanted to become. Her response to my wish was that she'd never heard of a title like that. This some how made me even more convinced of what I wanted to become. 

As a maker, where do you find inspiration for creating new things?

It can be anything like everyday life, the news or reading everything but design text/magazines/books. 

Which direction do you see yourself going in the future?

No idea, I evaluate my work twice a year and set up goals and directions from that. 

What are the ingredients for great design and what's really exciting you at the moment in design?

Humor, responsibility and the rare combination of being bold yet humble. The power of what design really can achieve has always excited me, this is however very little know of among the broader public. 





Swedish Ninja - Jenny Nordberg


 The story behind the Product:

My fascination for the ultra-standardised is materialised in the BRICK series. Casted glass bricks with the exact measurements of old traditional bricks are composed into sculptural candle holders.
Besides the traditional dimensions of the bricks nothing else is standard – the BRICK series is hand casted in a small Italian glass foundry and patiently assembled in Sweden.