Tongue-in-cheek and eco-friendly: the quirky black and grey Chimney Paper Bin by Andréason & Leibel is made out of the very material it is designed as a receptacle for. Each foldable piece arrives flat-packed, but when assembled, it forms an eye-catching wastepaper basket designed to store paper goods for recycling. A clever gift idea for lovers of witty design.

Design Story +

Paper use can be a burden to the environment - the name Chimney is a reminder of that. But if it is used sensibly, paper is a extraordinary material to construct three-dimensional durable objects with small environmental footprints. Flat in transport and totally recyclable.

Materials +


Measurements +

Height 35cm Diameter 32cm

Prepare it +

The bin arrives flat. Just unfold the bin and push the bottom all the way down. Tada!

Delivery +

Usually in stock and delivery sent within 3 days. If the product is out of stock, 2-4 weeks delivery time is not unusual ( we always keep you updated ).

Production +

We proudly manufacture this product in Sweden using local manufacturers. Producing products with care and in a responsible manner is our priority and you will see this reflected in the quality of your piece. 

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