Collezione: HULA HOOP Wall light

The design of Hula Hoop encapsulates joy and playfulness in true Ninja style. The simplicity of the sphere comes to life in the design of Stefan Börselius and he´s captured the movement of the colorful Hula Hoop swinging around the glass globe perfectly. The playfulness of the design surely evokes some happy childhood memories.  

 “It´s summer, you´re are playing in the street, the smell of barbecues in the air and you feel just as carefree as only a child can be. The colorful hula hoop swinging around your hips. Around and around...” 

Hula Hoop is available in ten different colours. Choose between the Hardwired or “Cord, switch & plug” version. 

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HULA HOOP - Wall lamp
HULA HOOP - Wall lamp
HULA HOOP - Wall lamp
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