A designer who lives in Hamburg, Germany. Born in Warsaw/ Poland, raised in Bavaria/ Germany, she graduated from the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

Together with a colleague Astrid Schildkopf, she founded the experimental label: Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus, creating humorous accessories for our everyday life (2006 – 2011).

In 2013 she founded her own design studio, from where she cooperates with international companies, to develop products in different fields ranging from furniture to lighting.

What inspired you to start making?


As a maker, do you have any questions you ask yourself before making a new piece or launching a new line?


Which direction do you see yourself going in the future? 


What are the ingredients for great design and what's really exciting you at the moment in design?






Swedish Ninja - Olga Bielawska


 The story behind the Product: