Stefan Borselius established his design company in 2002. Since then, his work has focused on furniture and interior design – everything from sofas, chairs, lamps to room dividers and textiles. Stefan has received a large number of prestigious awards over the years, “Designer of the year”,  and represented at the National Museum in Stockholm. He works with several prestigious Swedish companies, such as Blå Station, Skandiform, Fogia, Abstracta and now Swedish Ninja.


What made you become a designer?

I studied woodworking for 7 years to become a cabinetmaker, just like my grandfather and his father. To get a better overall picture as a carpenter, I continued my education and went to Malmsten Design School and then Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. After that I was more intrested in design than woodworking. I still consider myself as a craftsman, sketching and model-making are as important as work on the computer.


As a maker, where do you find inspiration for creating new things?

Inspiration comes from both day-to-day life and deep analytical thinking, from happy accidents, materials, functions and unsolved problems.  My ambition is to find new solutions to old problems and to develop new products for the way we live our lives today.


Which direction do you see yourself going in the future?

I hope to be able to maintain a curiosity and joy in what I do. 


What are the ingredients for great design and what's really exciting you at the moment in design?

How, where and what the products are made of has always interested me, and is even more relevant now than ever due to the environment.


The Designers words;

“In the heart of Swedish Ninja, I saw joy and playfulness. With that feeling in mind, the work and sketching of the luminaire began. I started with the glass ball, the pure form of a globe. In the sketchpad I worked with different circles that meet each other in different ways. In the end it became a circle, a halo, a line that holds and frames. Saw it first as a pearl on a ring, a piece of jewelry. But on a larger scale it became rather a resting sphere, a captured movement. Like a beautiful memory from the childhood when the colorful hula hoops swung around the hips.”

 The story behind the Product: HULA HOOP