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new eye candy table

made from 100% up-cycled cosmetic bottles

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The Diagonal Wallbasket

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NINJA style


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Zick Zack tables

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NOW in Pink!

Our diagonal wall baskets have a new addition.

These small and decorative storage baskets are suitable for entrance halls, bathrooms or bedrooms or where ever such storage is needed. Looks equally brilliant empty or filled-up. 

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We just got the Diagonals for the whole family! One for each of us! Germany

Sven Robin Kahl -Germany

SWEDISH NINJA makes beautiful products. I have two OH MY's and literally everyone that comes over has to touch them! Also the customer care from the Swedish Ninja team is outstanding. They are as beautiful and shiny as the objects they make. UK

Astrid Keogh -UK

I love my Little Darling!  It's so stylish and the pink really sets off my side board! DK

Groves Family -Denmark

I have the Little Darling Lamp, wall baskets, C.LAMPS and OH MY's. Needless to say I love SWEDISH NINA! 

Amy McEvoy - Denmark

We love our wall baskets in the Nursery and our Little Darling is just gorgeous in the lounge room! 

Bontoft Family - Denmark

My Zick Zack tables are my favourite piece! So exclusive and I love that it's made in Sweden.

R. Meehan Denmark

"My light perception is now perfection" owner Little darling table lamp.

Sofia Wallen Bruer - Sweden

Our yellow Little darling lamp is our favorite thing in the house. It's perfect in many ways, in different spots. It fits in the kitchen, the office and right now in the living room. We love it on it's own or to light up other things. 

Dennis Brandtleth -Denmark

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