With a genuine interest in form, function and perception thereof they are committed to making strong, clear and long-lasting design. In recent years they have participated in several Swedish and International design exhibitions and set up a small scale production on some of their edition pieces. The creative studio and workshop is situated outside Malmö Sweden.

Kristian Andréason and Kristin Leibel trained in Industrial Design MFA graduated in Gothenburg Sweden in 2000 and set up their studio at the same time. They are foremost known for their work in architectural lighting design as the successful collaboration with Swedish lighting company Ateljé Lyktan which has resulted in several products which of the latest ”Quad” was awarded with a red dot design award.  

What inspired you to start making?


As a maker, do you have any questions you ask yourself before making a new piece or launching a new line?


Which direction do you see yourself going in the future? 


What are the ingredients for great design and what's really exciting you at the moment in design?




 The story behind the product:

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