PLUTO LITTLE - pendent

Design by Louise Hederström

Pluto - the little version is centrered and have no weight like the bigger version. Inspired by the balance of the universe and made from the humble kitchen cast-off, your yoghurt pot. 

The Designers words; 

"I have always seen Swedish Ninja orbiting in its own universe - where design has a unique expression. The Pluto pendant is my tribute to the pursuit of daring to think freely.

We are all familiar with the globe shape, but how could it be presented in a new way? How could balance be found with a pendant that doesn't take up too much space but still gives space to a room?

While I commonly find inspiration from nature, this time I gazed further afield and thought about how dependent we are on the entire balance of the universe. How everything plays a role, despite what humans might think. Pluto, seemingly insignificant at the far end of the solar system and demoted in 2006 to ‘dwarf planet’ status, continues to play a vital role in keeping our solar system stable."

- Designer Louise Hederström


Recycled plastic Alba, made from the humble kitchen cast-off, your yoghurt pot.  Details in powder coated steel with a  glass globe.  Weight in metal. Textile overlay cable.

LITTLE, the little Pluto version comes without the weight.


LITTLE Width 33cm Height 23cm Depth 33cm
BIG Width 58cm Height 26cm Depth 58cm


CE European standard. LED G9

This lamp is made to order. Delivery time 8-12 weeks. 

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