At SWEDISH NINJA we value decor with a strong personality that will put a SMILE on your face.

We believe that great design holds a special place in your HEART.

We do Lighting with a complementary assortment of small furniture and accessories.



We work with talented designers who share our passion for driving Scandinavian design into the future. In our minds, creativity is never subtle. We believe in personal expression and by partner with interesting designers and brands to constantly challenge ourselves, find inspiration and feel motivated by others.

We love story telling. Our very first product, LITTLE DARLING is inspired by the striking height difference between designer and SWEDISH NINJA founder Maria Gustavsson and her husband Magnus - she is being short and he being tall.



“As you may have noticed, I love bright colours. My goal is to elevate Scandinavian design by using vibrant tones that put a smile on your face and help the creative juices flow!”

 Maria Gustavsson, founder of SWEDISH NINJA.



We are passionate about reducing our impact on the planet and supporting local manufactures. That is why our lamps and many other of our products are manufactured in the nearby historic furniture-making region of Småland. Our suppliers are small family-owned businesses, highly valued for their craftmanship.  

 We also strive to source components and materials from local suppliers. And moving forward we aim to add new and exciting recycled materials to our range.  

 Using local manufacturers and suppliers means shorter transfers and high-quality products, which results in fewer returns. Furthermore, our packaging is developed to minimize both the use of plastic and the transportation of air – helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

 The timeless aesthetic and robust design help to ensure that Swedish Ninja products will be loved for generations to come. Maybe one day, they will end up in a cool second-hand shop or in a design museum. But they will never become waste.  



Swedish Ninja was founded by the furniture designer Maria Gustavsson. After having worked for other design studios and Scandinavian brands as well doing interior work for contract – she wanted to challenge the” classic” perception of what Scandinavian design should be. The first Ninja collection was launched 2017.