Joy x 3

Collect our curated set of pink & amber, blue and tourmaline and green and verde.

The OH MY mini glass sculptures are a harmonious play of shapes and colours, designed to add playfully elegant interest to all forms of interior. Whether as part of an artistic arrangement, or as a standalone piece, these objects are a contemporary eye-catcher – not to mention a beautiful gift idea for lovers of delicate design. 

The set contains 3 Oh My:




Warning +

Keep out of direct sunlight as the globe can cause a fire risk. 

Design Story +

'OH MY'  mini sculptures came together one day with the help of Danish designer Camilla Bjerre. Camilla already had the globe in her range and we were designing a new piece with the cubes. They came together beautifully and now we have created very tactile mini sculptures.The globe nestles perfectly onto a concave formed on the cube in the casting process. It was meant to be.

Materials +

Perfectly clear colored globe.Imperfectly cast cube. Imperfections such as bubbles and lines appear.

Measurements +

8 x 8 x 15 cm

Prepare it +

Place the globe onto the cube and enjoy. Keep out of direct sunlight as the globe can cause a fire risk. 

Delivery +
In stock

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